A Diversity Journey

A Diversity Journey

I always remember June 19th

ImpressionsPosted by Amela Koluder Mon, June 19, 2017 13:04:12

from my fantasy novel Yutoland, chapter 10 Broken Heart

……… It's morning. Kali wakes up and instantly remembers – it is happening today. Her colors change from glowing red to light yellow. She was not aware that it is even possible to change colors so quickly and so often. “It is good that not all colors show”, thinks Kali for herself.

Mom and dad Kib are changing colors a lot this morning as well. Everyone is trying hard to keep calm. Everyone in the family Kib knows that this is a right decision. They barely look each other in the eyes. Nobody wants to show how hard it is. There is a big, heavy thought soaring around family Kib’s Yuto House this morning: "Will Kali and the rest of her family see each other ever again?" A question absolutely no one can answer.

A small yutocar stops outside the house. Kali’s friends are already on board. Kali hugs Mom Kib, Grandma Kib and Dad Kib. It is especially hard to say goodbye to her sister Ki. On the way to Yutocar, something Kali has never experienced before happens. Dad Kib, the big, strong Yutoman, starts to cry like a little child. Then several of the neighbors, who have gathered to say goodbye to Kali, begin to cry too. But Kali does not cry. Kali looks at everyone with the big dark eyes. She is apparently calm. Kali is now orange with purple flower leaves, but without any glow. She cries from within, in her heart, but no one can see it. Her heart is shut down, so it would not burst.

The journey begins. Yutocar rolls smoothly between small and large Yuto Houses. Kali and her friends are completely quiet. They know all parts of their Yutotown so well. Once upon a time it was such a beautiful place. Their Yutotown was known for the light, its glowing colors and sharp contrasts.

Now it's just fog all over, an invisible shadow, and only gray colors.

The yutocar begins to fly and they are on their way out of the darkness. The youth can see their home place in its worst edition, so infinitely sad and broken. Tornadoes are still ravaging. They see them coming from all directions. The red smoke can be seen almost everywhere. "Can it really get worse?" Kali thinks quietly. They cannot look each other in the eyes. They may be relieved to be escaping, but everything they love is left in the darkness, caught by the dangerous monster Sme. This feeling of uncertainty and worry will mark Kali and her friends for a long time to come.

Yutocar is small and it navigates fast between tornadoes. It somehow knows how to avoid all small tornadoes they encounter on the way.

Kali is heading towards the coast again. This time, Kali knows that it will not be just a short trip. She hopes, of course, that she will be back very soon. But, deep inside, Kali knows that it will take a long time before she can come back. That Kali cannot imagine at all, is how long it will take before she returns.

Kali’s heart is almost black. It is the color she has never experienced before. It is the color of a broken heart. The heart that will never be the same again. The heart that is losing its home. The refugee heart.

source: Yutoland by Amela Koluder